MouthOver: 発話と口の表情を代替するマスク型デバイス

投稿者: | 2017-03-02


The ability to utter and create expression of the mouth is an important element in communication. However, it may not be possible to demonstrate sufficient performance owing to mental and physical factors such as the person’s personality, physical condition and natural appearance. In order to solve these problems, we propose a wearable device called “MouthOver” that substitutes voice and mouth expression. In the proposed system, a speaker and a display are mounted on the mask, and it presents the recorded sound and the image of the mouth processed by the computer. This allows the user to utter and create expression that suits the situation, regardless of their own mental and physical conditions.


石井 綾郁, 橋本 直, “MouthOver: 発話と口の表情を代替するマスク型デバイス”, 情報処理学会インタラクション2017論文集, pp.844-845 (2017年3月2-4日, 明治大学中野キャンパス) PDF